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Guizhou-Style Sour Beef Hotpot 贵州酸汤牛肉火锅食材包

Guizhou-Style Sour Beef Hotpot 贵州酸汤牛肉火锅食材包

by Celeplate


To bring the authentic taste of Guizhou right to your home, we are proud to introduce our Guizhou Sour Soup Hotpot Ingredient Kit. This special package is crafted for those who cherish the authentic flavors of Guizhou sour soup, featuring our secret recipe Guizhou Red Sour Soup seasoning pack and a unique dipping sauce ingredient pack to ensure the distinctive sour and spicy taste. 

  • 8 different kinds of meat, 3 kinds of vegetables
  • Authentic Chinese Guizhou Flavour, one of a kind
  • Serves 2-3 people for a meaty hotpot experience

Important update on the Guizhou Sour Beef meal kit (starting from orders placed after 22nd May 2024): To ensure you enjoy the freshest and highest quality meals and service, we have removed some easily perishable vegetables. These vegetables are readily available at local supermarkets, allowing you to select your preferred vegetables based on personal taste.

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    Recommend purchasing separately for the best experience
    1, Ginger
    2, Tomatoes
    3, Garlic
    4, Chilli
    5, Coriander
    6, Soy sauce
    7, Other meat, veg, soy-base products you may like for hotpot

    Soup Base & Dipping:
    150g x Iberian Pork Belly BBQ Slices
    2-3 pcs x Spring Onion
    2 packs x Guizhou-style Soup Seasoning
    30g x Roasted Guizhou Chilli Flakes

    Meat & Veg:
    150g x Wagyu Beef Hotpot Slices
    150g x Short Ribs Hotpot Slices
    150g x Flat Iron Hotpot Slices
    150g x Beef Shank Hotpot Slices
    150g x Ox Tongue Hotpot Slices
    150g x Rib Eye Hotpot Slices
    300g x Beef & Pork Meatballs
    100g x Enoki Mushroom
    150g x Brown Shimeji Mushroom
    1/2 pcs x Chinese Leaves

    Download cooking instructions here.



    Guizhou-style Soup Base
    1, Cut the ginger into slices and the tomatoes into halves.
    2, Add Iberian Pork Collar slices to the heated pot. Fry them until golden.
    3, Then, add ginger slices, tomatoes, and 2 bags of Guizhou-style soup seasoning.
    4, Top up with boiling water. Your Guizhou-style hotpot is now ready!

    Guizhou-style Dipping
    1, Wash spring onion, chilli and coriander, then chop into small pieces.
    2, To make your dipping sauce: 1 teaspoon each of garlic paste, soy sauce, chopped spring onion, chilli and coriander. 2 teaspoon roasted chilli flakes. 2 tablespoon boiled Guizhou style soup broth. It’s ready to eat.

    Keep refrigerated.

    Not suitable for home freezing. Please find detailed storage information in the cooking instuctions.

    Guizhou-style Dipping Set: Soyabeans, Wheat

    Beef & Pork Meatballs: Wheat, Egg

    Add extra soup base and dipping

    Add your favourite meat

    Add more veg to your hotpot

    Guizhou's Sour

    In Guizhou, the term "sour and spicy" resonates with everyone when it comes to local culinary specialties. This flavor is not only a hallmark of Guizhou's food culture but also deeply etched in the hearts of its people, representing a nostalgic taste of home.

    Sour Soup Beef

    There is a special way to enjoy sour soup beef: first savor the soup, then add the beef, and finally, consume the vegetables.

    There's a saying in Guizhou: "Three days without sour, and one feels uneasy while walking." This reflects not only the important role of sour soup in the local diet but also the deep affection that the people of Guizhou have for the sour taste.