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Hi, I’m Will, I started Celeplate before Xmas time in 2022. As a dad and a food lover, I want my family to enjoy healthy and tasty home-made meals with fresh ingredients. However it's hard to find special cut and freshest meat from super market. From my East Asian heritage I prefer to choose different breeds and cuts of meat in order to bring the proper East Asian dishes.

This is my ideal type of home cooking: tasty, nourishing and convenient. Finding the quality product for my daily cooking takes great time and efforts. Therefore, I started Celeplate where can find the right choice ingredients for my family and help other thousands of families to get Freshest ingredients for East Asian home cooking.

A decade ago, I was deeply involved in the fast-food delivery industry. I joined Just-eat from early startup stage to success IPO and then founded Bigfoodie.co.uk which is a far east cuisine focused takeaway ordering app.

A significant moment changed my life forever. I became a father to a beautiful little girl in the vibrant city of London. Holding my daughter, I felt an overwhelming sense of responsibility to provide her with the very best. Order Less takeaway and cook more fresh homemade food became much more enjoyable for the whole family. With my East Asian heritage and a profound appreciation for fresh, high-quality ingredients, I longed to infuse our family's meals with flavors that spoke to our hearts. However, the demands of my busy life left little room for culinary pursuits.

Today, my dream has become a reality. My company stands as a testament to the love and dedication that inspired its creation. Families across the UK now have access to the freshest, highest-quality meats without compromising on convenience. Each product I offer meets my exacting standards, allowing families to experience the joy of cooking with ingredients that truly touch their hearts and create lasting memories.

Hope you enjoy Celeplate as much as I do. Let's Celeplate!

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Hi, this is Will, the founder of Celeplate. We are dedicated to enhancing your East Asian cooking experience at home, and we're excited to announce that we are expanding our product list.

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