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Fresh Meat & Seafood

Carefully selected from our top-rated suppliers, Celeplate offers a range of meats that are perfect for those responsible for feeding an entire family.

Whether you prefer to cut them into dices, steaks, or roast them as a whole, our products are versatile and convenient. With generous portions and great value, Celeplate is here to meet your family's meal needs.

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Burgogi BBQ at Home

As the exclusive online retail platform for Burgogi, we are dedicated to delivering the most authentic and convenient Korean Table BBQ ingredients and sauces.

Our selection includes professional 3mm thin-cut UK Angus beef, UK Wagyu, Japanese Wagyu, and Iberian pork, guaranteeing you the ultimate taste experience. Simply open the package and cook, and we assure you both convenience and unmatched flavor.

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Hotpot at Home

Start discovering the irresistible charm of hot pot, a beloved and timeless culinary tradition across East Asia.

Dive into a world of endless possibilities with a wide array of soup base seasonings and ingredient combinations. At Celeplate, you can find our premium 1.5mm thin-cut, curved meat selection.

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UK's First Oven-ready Peking Duck

We take immense pride in presenting our extraordinary Peking duck, a true gem that will grace your family gatherings and dinner parties.

Representing the rich heritage of traditional Chinese dining, this revered delicacy holds deep cultural significance and is the perfect centerpiece for grand celebrations and cherished holidays.

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  • Himari, Kent

    I never thought making Korean food could be this easy. Celeplate has proven to be a trustworthy option, and their expertly prepared dishes are exceptional. Even my Korean friends enjoy the taste!

  • Vanessa, London

    As a busy, time-poor mom in London, I truly enjoy the freshness and convenience that Celeplate offers me. It allows me to have more time to take care of my career and family simultaneously.

  • Jessi, Bristol

    This is a straightforward and user-friendly option for those who are not familiar with cooking East Asian food. The clear instructions and friendly customer service make the experience even more enjoyable!

  • Lee, Cardiff

    I have been a regular customer for a year now and I am impressed by the ingenuity and quality of Celeplate. I am eagerly looking forward to trying their new kits!

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Nice To Meet You!

Hi, I’m Will, I started Celeplate before Xmas time in 2022. As a dad and a food lover, I want my family to enjoy healthy and tasty home-made meals with fresh ingredients. However it's hard to find special cut and freshest meat from super market. From my East Asian heritage I prefer to choose different breeds and cuts of meat in order to bring the proper East Asian dishes.

This is my ideal type of home cooking: tasty, nourishing and convenient. Finding the quality product for my daily cooking takes great time and efforts. Therefore, I started Celeplate where can find the right choice ingredients for my family and help other thousands of families to get Freshest ingredients for East Asian home cooking.

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