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Enoki Mushroom 新鲜金针菇

Enoki Mushroom 新鲜金针菇


Fresh Enoki Mushrooms, perfect for BBQs and Hotpots.

  • 100g
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About Enoki Mushroom 新鲜金针菇


Enoki Mushroom 新鲜金针菇

Chilled Products: "Chilled" indicates that your product will arrive not alive but fresh, with its temperature meticulously maintained between 0℃-2℃. We do not freeze products that are labeled as "chilled," ensuring they retain their optimal freshness and quality.

Weight & Count: 100g ± 5%

Ingredient: Enoki Mushroom

Allergies: None

Storage Guidelines: Chilled Products: Keep refrigerated <3°C. Store at the bottom of the refrigerator and consume before the best before date on the package. Suitable for home freezing for chilled products.

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