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Korean Table BBQ: Wagyu & Seafood 고기구이

Korean Table BBQ: Wagyu & Seafood 고기구이

by Burgogi


This is the luxurious and top-grade taste of Korean table BBQ at its finest.

The remarkable combination of Carabinero prawns, known for their unforgettable flavor, and the marinated baby cuttlefish create an extraordinary dining experience. Paired with our thinly sliced British Wagyu beef, this barbecue offers an authentic and top-notch culinary adventure that is truly exceptional.

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    • Wagyu Beef Chuck 100g
    • Wagyu Ox Tongue 100g
    • Prime Galbi 100g
    • Marinated Galbi 100g
    • Iberian Pork Belly 100g
    • Marinated spicy baby squid
    • Medium Red Prawn Mazara 


    • Ssamjang BBQ Paste
    • Cumin Salt
    • Burgogi Salt Special
    • Shichimi Spice Salt
    • Sesame Oil
    • Yuzu Pancake Sauce

    Veg & Others

    • 3 x Kimchi Pancake
    • 3 x Seafood Pancake
    • Enoki Mushroom
    • Lettuce
    • Spring onion

    Keep refrigerated.

    Not suitable for home freezing. Please find detailed storage information in the cooking instuctions.

    Fish (anchovy), shrimp, wheat, soybean, leek, Fermented Ethyl Alcohol, peanut, milk, egg sesame.

    Ingredients are packed separately. Detailed ingredients list and nutritional information can be found at the back of packages. If you have more questions regarding allergens, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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    Korean barbecue is the ultimate comfort food. Imagine being in a small roadside restaurant, the grill is placed in the middle, friends gather around the table, and the aroma of the sizzling meat on the grill is mouth-watering. Diners use fresh lettuce leaves to wrap up meat and vegetables and eat the whole wrap in one bite.


    It is Burgogi’s goal to give you the exhilarating experience of eating in a Korean barbecue joint. The combination of savoury, sweet, tangy and mellow flavours explodes like fireworks in their mouths. It’s a meal of sharing and celebration.