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Daily Catch Fresh Squid 每日现捕小鱿鱼

Daily Catch Fresh Squid 每日现捕小鱿鱼


This small-sized squid is daily caught on the Cornish coast. One of the Freshest squid you can find available on the market. We recommend enjoying it with Korean Table BBQ, Hot Pot, Pan-frying, and Grilling. 

  • 250g, 2-3 pcs depending on the individual sizes
  • 600g before cleaned
  • Freshest daily catch, cleaned ready to cook
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About Daily Catch Fresh Squid 每日现捕小鱿鱼

Are you a seafood enthusiast? You've probably come across the challenges and mess associated with preparing fresh squid. We're here to make things easier for you. We carefully select the freshest squid, ensuring it's alive when you place your order.

Once we receive your order, we promptly engage our trusted suppliers to source and prepare the squid. We meticulously clean and remove any unwanted parts such as bones, eyes, internal organs, teeth, and ink sacs. This means that your cooking process becomes much smoother, without the hassle of dealing with these steps.

The subtle flavour of squid works really well with spicier flavours such as Korean Spicy Dakgalbi Sauce. These fresh squid have been cleaned and de-inked, so can be instantly used. 

Daily Catch Fresh Squid 每日现捕小鱿鱼

Chilled Products: "Chilled" indicates that your product will arrive not alive but fresh, with its temperature meticulously maintained between 0℃-2℃. We do not freeze products that are labeled as "chilled," ensuring they retain their optimal freshness and quality.

Weight & Count: 250g ± 5%,250g, 2-3 pcs depending on the individual sizes

Ingredient: Squid

Allergies: Molluscan

Storage Guidelines: Chilled Products: Keep refrigerated <3°C. Store at the bottom of the refrigerator and consume before the best before date on the package. Suitable for home freezing for chilled products.

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