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Live Sea Urchin 活冰岛海胆

Live Sea Urchin 活冰岛海胆


The Sea Urchin Live is perfect for sushi or dipping in sauces. Its taste is one of the most unique out there, and its pleasing fragrance creates an unforgettable taste experience. Make your dishes come alive with the premium quality of Sea Urchin Live.

  • New season direct flight from Iceland
  • 500g, 3-5 pcs
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About Live Sea Urchin 活冰岛海胆

How to prepare Live sea urchin:

1. Wear gloves while you trim off the spines to protect your hands from accidental stings. The gloves will also keep your hands free of the urchin's dark purple dyes.

2. Working mouth-side-up, cut out the top of the shell with regular kitchen scissors, and then carefully pierce the bottom, allowing the fluid to drain out. You'll want to do this over the sink or into a bowl to contain the mess.

3. A quick rinse with fresh water will help clear out some of the undesirable bits. The rest you can pick out with tweezers.

4. Once you've scooped the roe out, serve it raw with lemon and wasabi, or steam/fried together with scrambled eggs

Live Sea Urchin 活冰岛海胆

Country of origin: Iceland

Storage: Consume by the day of arrival. Keep refrigerated below 5°C once opened, keep covered. Store at the bottom of the refrigerator. Do not exceed use by date. Not suitable for home freezing. For use by date see the front of pack.

Main allergens: Crustacean.

Ingredients: Crustacean (100%).