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Pork Collar BBQ Slices 猪颈烧肉片

Pork Collar BBQ Slices 猪颈烧肉片


The pork neck fillet is located in the centre of the pork shoulder, also known as a Boston Butt. It is triangular and starts from just below the back of the neck down to the spine.

  • 150g
  • Perfect for Korean Table BBQ and other East Asian BBQs
  • Belgium pork, no weird taste guaranteed
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About Pork Collar BBQ Slices 猪颈烧肉片

The distinction between Belgium pork neck and English pork neck often hinges on the factors of breeding, feeding, and overall livestock management practices in each country.

Belgium pork neck is renowned for its consistent quality and flavorful taste, often attributed to the country's rigorous farming standards and unique feeding regimens that contribute to a finer meat texture and a more marbled appearance.

While English pork neck can be flavorful and tender, its taste and texture may vary more widely depending on the specific breed and farm. In terms of premium status, it's somewhat subjective and largely dependent on individual preference; however, Belgium pork neck is often regarded as a premium choice in many culinary circles due to its consistent quality and renowned flavor.

Pork Collar BBQ Slices 猪颈烧肉片

Frozen Products: "Frozen" indicates that your product will be delivered in a frozen state, preserved at temperatures of -18℃ or lower.

Weight & Count: 150g ± 5%

Ingredient: Pork Neck

Allergies: None

Storage Guidelines: Frozen Procuts: Keep frozen at -18°C or lower. Suitable for home freezing. Once defrosted, please store the product at the bottom of the refrigerator and consume within 48 hours. Keep the product covered and do not exceed the 'Use By' date indicated on the packaging. Do not refreeze.

Product Origin: Belgium