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Rib Eye Steak Japanese Wagyu A5+ 日本A5+和牛肋眼

Rib Eye Steak Japanese Wagyu A5+ 日本A5+和牛肋眼


Indulge in the ultimate dining experience with our Japanese A5+ Wagyu Rib Eye Block, prized for its exceptional marbling and melt-in-your-mouth texture.

  • 250g
  • A5+ grade Japanese Wagyu
  • Extremely rich marbling
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About Rib Eye Steak Japanese Wagyu A5+ 日本A5+和牛肋眼

Every block of this premium beef comes with a Japanese Wagyu certificate, assuring you of its authenticity and superior quality. A5+ is the highest rating given to Wagyu beef, with unparalleled richness and flavor that's sure to leave a lasting impression.

Japanese A5+ Wagyu refers to the highest quality and most luxurious grade of Japanese beef available. The term "Wagyu" translates to "Japanese cow" (wa = Japanese, gyu = cow) and refers to several native Japanese cattle breeds known for their exceptional marbling, tenderness, and unique flavor. The A5 grade is the highest rating within the Japanese beef grading system, determined by evaluating the meat's marbling, color, firmness, and overall quality.

The "+", in this case, signifies an even higher level of marbling within the A5 grade, making it exceptionally rich in intramuscular fat, which is responsible for the meat's unparalleled tenderness and flavor.

Japanese A5+ Wagyu Rib Eye Block

Japanese A5+ Wagyu Rib Eye Block

Country of origin: Japan

Identity number (個体識別番号): 14666-4607-8

Carcass number (枝肉番号): 左 1519S 1

Net weight: 250g +- 5%

Storage: Keep refrigerated below 2°C Once opened consume within 2 days. Keep covered. Store at the bottom of the refrigerator. Do not exceed use by date. Not suitable for home freezing. For use by date see the front of pack.

Main allergens: None.

Ingredients: Japanese A5+ Wagyu Rib Eye Block (100%).