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Fresh Friday! Angus Whole Ox Tongue 新鲜整条安格斯牛舌

Fresh Friday! Angus Whole Ox Tongue 新鲜整条安格斯牛舌


Ox tongue is popular for its distinctive taste and unique texture. It not only has a tender yet chewy texture but also boasts a rich flavour, full of meaty scent that is incredibly satisfying.

  • 1kg ± 5%
  • Ideal for grilling or stewing
  • Guaranteed within 72 hours straight from the slaughterhouse
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About Fresh Friday! Angus Whole Ox Tongue 新鲜整条安格斯牛舌

Ox Tongue is a tasty and special ingredient, loved by food lovers. It has a unique texture that is both tender and chewy, different from other parts of beef. The rich taste, with a hint of sweet milky flavor and strong meaty scent, is truly unforgettable.

This delicious ingredient can be cooked in many ways. Whether simply grilled or braised in red wine, it shows off its special flavour. Grilled ox tongue is crispy on the outside and tender inside, while red wine braised ox tongue becomes very soft and tasty.

Celeplate selects top-quality British Angus beef. Fresh, high-quality beef tastes better, and the ox tongue’s natural sweetness comes out beautifully when cooked.

Fresh Friday! Angus Whole Ox Tongue 新鲜整条安格斯牛舌

Chilled Products: "Chilled" indicates that your product will arrive not alive but fresh, with its temperature meticulously maintained between 0℃-2℃. We do not freeze products that are labeled as "chilled," ensuring they retain their optimal freshness and quality.

Weight & Count: 1kg ± 5%

Ingredient: Angus Whole Ox Tongue

Allergies: None

Storage Guidelines: Chilled Products: Keep refrigerated <3°C. Store at the bottom of the refrigerator and consume before the best before date on the package. Suitable for home freezing for chilled products.

Product Origin: UK