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Fresh Farmed Sea Bass 新鲜鲈鱼

Fresh Farmed Sea Bass 新鲜鲈鱼


Farmed Sea Bass is renowned for its delicate, sweet, and elastic flesh, which is easy to cook. Compared to wild sea bass, the meat of farmed sea bass is smoother, similar to "garlic clove meat," becoming flaky yet retaining elasticity when steamed. It has a mild and sweet taste with a savoury flavor.

  • 700g-800g (before cleaning)
  • Versatile in cooking, suitable for grilling, smoking, frying and East Asian Steaming
  • Preparation method: Whole Scaling & Gutted
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About Fresh Farmed Sea Bass 新鲜鲈鱼

There are significant differences between saltwater sea bass(wild sea bass) and freshwater sea bass(farmed sea bass).

Saltwater sea bass typically have larger body sizes, rough scales, and their colors are mostly white or black, adorned with many small black dots. In contrast, freshwater sea bass have smaller body sizes, finer scales, and lean towards silver-white or pale yellow in color. In terms of taste, saltwater sea bass has firmer flesh with a stronger fishy taste, while freshwater sea bass has more tender meat, offering a smooth texture that is easy to pick up after steaming.

These differences reflect their growth and adaptation in different environments. Typically, the steamed bass served in restaurants is often freshwater sea bass due to its superior taste and texture. Despite their similar appearance, saltwater sea bass, due to their different habitats, tend to have larger and more elongated bodies.

Fresh Farmed Sea Bass 新鲜鲈鱼

Chilled Products: "Chilled" indicates that your product will arrive not alive but fresh, with its temperature meticulously maintained between 0℃-2℃. We do not freeze products that are labeled as "chilled," ensuring they retain their optimal freshness and quality.

Weight & Count: 700g-800g. The weight indicated above refers to the initial weight of the fish products before processing (descaling and evisceration). Please note, it is normal for the weight of the fish to decrease after processing.

Ingredient: Sea Bass

Allergies: Fish

Storage Guidelines: Chilled Products: Keep refrigerated <3°C. Store at the bottom of the refrigerator and consume before the best before date on the package. Suitable for home freezing for chilled products.

Product Origin: Spain