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Tabasco Pepper Sauce 辣椒仔

Tabasco Pepper Sauce 辣椒仔


Tabasco Red Pepper Sauce is meticulously crafted using choice peppers, cultivated and nurtured by the McIlhenny family on Avery Island for over a century. These peppers undergo a distinctive aging process for three years in oak barrels, a tradition that allows for the full development of their uniquely subtle flavor and aroma.

  • 57ml
  • Chilli rating: 3
  • Make everything better!
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About Tabasco Pepper Sauce 辣椒仔

For over 150 years, Tabasco has been crafting its iconic hot sauce on Avery Island, Louisiana, a tradition initiated by Edmund McIlhenny in 1868. McIlhenny originally developed Tabasco to enhance the monotonous diets of that era, and remarkably, the original recipe continues to be used today.

Edmund McIlhenny began by planting Capsicum frutescens peppers, captivated by their fiery taste. He innovated the use of a small red stick to gauge the ripeness of the peppers, a practice that endures to this day, ensuring the highest quality of the crop. A distinctive feature of Tabasco sauce is its packaging in bottles equipped with a filter. This design is intentional, aiming for the sauce to be sprinkled rather than poured, a testament to the brand's enduring commitment to tradition and quality.

Tabasco Pepper Sauce 辣椒仔

Weight & Count: 57ml

Ingredient: Distilled Vinegar, Red Pepper (19%), Salt.

Allergies: None

Storage Guidelines:

Product Origin: USA