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Spain Octopus Tentacles 西班牙章鱼腿

Spain Octopus Tentacles 西班牙章鱼腿


The meat from these tentacles promises an exquisite, firm bite that's elastic, meaty, and irresistibly chewy. Its rich and robust flavor pairs harmoniously with rice, making it a perfect addition to your meal. To ensure you capture its true essence, take care not to overcook it, as doing so might compromise its delectable taste.
  • 350g ± 5%, 3 pcs
  • Sources from Spain
  • Perfect for BBQ or pan fry
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About Spain Octopus Tentacles 西班牙章鱼腿

The octopus, boasting over half a billion neurons, stands out as the most intelligent invertebrate on our planet. However, despite its remarkable intellect and prowess, it hasn't evaded the dining tables of humans. In regions like East Asia and along the Mediterranean coasts, the octopus has long been revered as a gourmet delicacy.

From octopus balls and stir-fried tentacles to octopus sashimi, pasta, salami, braised or blanched preparations, to even consuming it raw while it still wriggles — humans have devised countless ways to savor them. Rich in protein, minerals, and other essential nutrients, octopus is also abundant in fatigue-fighting, anti-aging, blood-enriching, and vitality-boosting components, including the precious taurine, believed to prolong human life.

If you've tried squid on a griddle or even deep-fried, imagine an octopus tentacle, swiftly sliced and sautéed on a sizzling hot plate. Drizzle it with a mix of spices — salt, cumin, chili, pepper, cinnamon, and more — and listen to the delightful hiss as it cooks. At this very moment, the anticipation is palpable, making one salivate uncontrollably! Pre-boiling the tentacles gives them a delightfully chewy exterior, while a quick sear on a hot plate perfectly preserves the tenderness within, offering a dual texture sensation with every bite.

Spain Octopus Tentacles 西班牙章鱼腿

Frozen Products: "Frozen" indicates that your product will be delivered in a frozen state, preserved at temperatures of -18℃ or lower.

Weight & Count: 350g ± 5%, 3 pcs

Ingredient: Octopus Tentacles

Allergies: Crustaceans

Storage Guidelines: Frozen Procuts: Keep frozen at -18°C or lower. Suitable for home freezing. Once defrosted, please store the product at the bottom of the refrigerator and consume within 48 hours. Keep the product covered and do not exceed the 'Use By' date indicated on the packaging. Do not refreeze.

Product Origin: Spain