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Short Rib Bones

Short Rib Bones


A perfect treat for your beloved dog: short rib bones. With a bit of meat still on them, these bones can keep your pets entertained for hours.

  • 1kg, 5-6 pcs
  • Also great quality beef broth for human
  • Free for a limited time. 2 portions maximum per each order.
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About Short Rib Bones

We have an abundance of short rib by-products, specifically short rib bones, from producing our main products. These short rib bones come from Surrey Farm's grass-fed Angus cows and are assured for their quality.

While they are absolutely fit for human consumption, we currently have an excess of this by-product. That's why we're offering some free treats for your pets!

However, please note that cooked bones can splinter, causing severe internal damage to dogs. Rib bones from table scraps, as well as other cooked bones, are strictly off-limits. Even raw bones can pose potential risks and should only be given to pets under close observation.