What are the secret ingredients that make Korean cuisine so tasty?

What are the secret ingredients that make Korean cuisine so tasty?

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Korean cuisine proves healthy eating does not come at the cost of less flavour. With recipes proving not only appetizing, but aromatic and fulfilling. Burgogi’s simple cooking method embodies this flawlessly, preserving the great flavours of high-quality ingredients. Yet it worth asking, have you ever wondered what makes Korean food so unique and delicious? Here are a few of the key ingredients: 



Korean pear

Korean pears are not only juicy and crisp, but are larger in size than a typical conference pear. The fruit itself is quite versatile, with its purpose ranging anywhere from being part of a sweet dessert or that of a savoury salad. Also, it is commonly used for marinating meat in Korean cooking due to its ability to serve as a natural sweetener. The enzyme in the pear tenderises the meat and adds a subtle kick in the dish!



Sesame oil

Toasted sesame oil (and seeds) is an indispensable part of Burgogi’s Korean Table BBQ.  The warm and comforting aroma of sesame oil can transport you to the lively eateries in Korea with each bite. Its common use includes being a dipping sauce or a garnish, giving your meal the ultimate finishing touch. When on the palette, the nutty but delicate sensation hits you straight away – adding to the overall greatness of the Burgogi’s Table BBQ. 



Fermented paste

Burgogi’s Korean meal kits showcase the best of Korean condiments. Jang, a Korean sauce and paste, is a prime component in Korean seasoning. With the magic of time, fermentation gives Jang a balanced flavour and good nutritional value. All the sauces use simple ingredients, but transform into complex and rich flavours, from doenjang (soybean paste) to gochujang (chilli paste). Fermentation is the signature technique of Korean cuisine, using the craft of time and skill to build on aroma, texture, and overall healthiness. 


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