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Salmon Sashimi Ready Bulk-buy 刺身级三文鱼家庭装

Salmon Sashimi Ready Bulk-buy 刺身级三文鱼家庭装


This sashimi-grade salmon has received numerous positive reviews and repeat purchases from our customers. We have specially introduced a value family pack, which is four times the amount of the original product, at 400g, enough for a meal for 4-6 people, all at a family-friendly price.

Sourced from the pristine waters of Scotland, this fresh sashimi-grade salmon maintains its consistently high quality, providing a refreshing sashimi experience for you, your guests, and your family.

  • 400g ± 10%, £53.75 / kg
  • Please consume before the best-before-date
  • Sashimi grade: recommend enjoying it raw with a dip of soy sauce or wasabi
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About Salmon Sashimi Ready Bulk-buy 刺身级三文鱼家庭装

Sashimi salmon's popularity in East Asian food culture can be attributed to its high-quality protein content, heart-healthy Omega-3 fatty acids, and appealing taste profile.

Its versatility in raw preparations allows it to absorb flavors from accompaniments like soy sauce and wasabi, enhancing its culinary appeal. The emphasis on balanced flavors and natural ingredients in East Asian cuisines aligns well with the clean taste and nutritional benefits of sashimi salmon, contributing to its enduring popularity.

Salmon Sashimi Ready Bulk-buy 刺身级三文鱼家庭装

Chilled Products: "Chilled" indicates that your product will arrive not alive but fresh, with its temperature meticulously maintained between 0℃-2℃. We do not freeze products that are labeled as "chilled," ensuring they retain their optimal freshness and quality.

Weight & Count: 400g ± 10%

Ingredient: Salmon

Allergies: Fish

Storage Guidelines: Chilled Products: Keep refrigerated <3°C. Store at the bottom of the refrigerator and consume before the best before date on the package. Suitable for home freezing for chilled products.

Product Origin: Scotland