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Live Diver catch Cornish Scallop Roe-on 康沃尔郡带黄活扇贝

Live Diver catch Cornish Scallop Roe-on 康沃尔郡带黄活扇贝


Diver hand catch daily. The main reason why fresh scallops taste so good is their freshness. When scallops are harvested and consumed shortly after, their flavor and texture are at their peak. Fresh scallops have a sweet, delicate, and briny taste that is highly enjoyable. 

  • 350g, 2 pcs
  • Available cleaned, packed with its own shell
  • Fresh & alive when you place the order
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    About Live Diver catch Cornish Scallop Roe-on 康沃尔郡带黄活扇贝

    Scallops naturally contain sugars that contribute to their sweet taste. As they are fresh, these sugars have not broken down, preserving their natural sweetness.

    When scallops are frozen, ice crystals can form within the flesh, causing them to lose some of their moisture. This can lead to a different texture compared to fresh scallops. To bring the best taste and experience to your East Asian cooking, we thrive to introduce you to our fresh Scallops!

    Live Cornish Scallop Roe-on

    Cornish Scallop Roe-on

    Country of origin: UK

    Storage: Consume by the day of arrival. Keep refrigerated below 5°C once opened, keep covered. Store at the bottom of the refrigerator. Do not exceed use by date. Not suitable for home freezing. For use by date see the front of pack.

    Main allergens: Scallop.

    Ingredients: Cornish Scallop (100%).