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Large Vannamei 去头南美白虾

Large Vannamei 去头南美白虾


Head off Shell on Vannamei prawns straight from the pristine waters of the South Pacific Ocean. A great freezer staple to have on hand, simply thaw and use in a variety of dishes.

  • 7-9 pcs, 180g±5%
  • Good size for home-cooking dishes
  • Head off, shell on, super easy to deal with
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About Large Vannamei 去头南美白虾

Large vannamei prawns, or white shrimp, are favored due to their mild flavor, firm texture, and versatility in cooking.

Their popularity in East Asian cuisines is due to their sizable nature, accommodating various cooking methods, as well as their mild flavor that complements diverse seasonings and sauces.

The prawns' firm texture makes them suitable for both cooked dishes, aligning with East Asian culinary preferences for balanced flavors and harmonious presentations. Their year-round availability, sustainability, and relatively affordable price also contribute to their widespread appeal.

Large Vannamei 去头南美白虾

Frozen Products: "Frozen" indicates that your product will be delivered in a frozen state, preserved at temperatures of -18℃ or lower.

Weight & Count: 7-9 pcs, 180g±5%

Ingredient: Crustacean


Storage Guidelines: Frozen Procuts: Keep frozen at -18°C or lower. Suitable for home freezing. Once defrosted, please store the product at the bottom of the refrigerator and consume within 48 hours. Keep the product covered and do not exceed the 'Use By' date indicated on the packaging. Do not refreeze.

Product Origin: South America