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Soup Base & Dipping for Guizhou-style Hotpot 贵州酸汤火锅汤底蘸料

Soup Base & Dipping for Guizhou-style Hotpot 贵州酸汤火锅汤底蘸料

This specially crafted soup base and dipping is the heart of our hotpot kit, highlighting the renowned Guizhou Red Sour Soup seasoning. It's designed to captivate your taste buds with its unique sour and spicy profile, a true homage to the authentic Guizhou sour soup experience.

Design your own Guizhou-style Sour Soup Hotpot today!

  • Simple steps to make the authentic Guizhou-style Soup Soup Hotpot base and dipping
  • Originally from Guizhou
  • The Soup Base has been slowly fermented for over a year long

For the best result, we strongly recommend you follow our soup base guide: how to prepare Guizhou-style soup base using our ingredients (Chinese version available)

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Soup Base & Dipping for Guizhou-style Hotpot 贵州酸汤火锅汤底蘸料

What's in the kit?

Guizhou-style Soup Base
2 packs x Guizhou-style Soup Seasoning
1 pack x Iberian Pork Collar Slices
20g x Ginger
2 pcs x Tomatoes

Guizhou-style Dipping
30g x Roasted Guizhou Chilli Flakes
25g x Soy Sauce
20g x Garlic
2-3 pcs x Spring Onion
8 pcs x Chilli
25g x Coriander

Cooking time:

5 mins

Cooking instructions:

Guizhou-style Soup Base
1, Cut the ginger into slices and the tomatoes into halves.
2, Add Iberian Pork Collar slices to the heated pot. Fry them until golden.
3, Then, add ginger slices, tomatoes, and 2 bags of Guizhou-style soup seasoning.
4, Top up with boiling water. Your Guizhou-style hotpot is now ready!

Guizhou-style Dipping
1, Wash spring onion, chilli and coriander, then chop into small pieces.
2, To make your dipping sauce: 1 teaspoon each of garlic paste, soy sauce, chopped spring onion, chilli and coriander. 2 teaspoon roasted chilli flakes. 2 tablespoon boiled Guizhou style soup broth. It’s ready to eat.

Main allergens: Soyabeans, Wheat