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Fresh Wasabi Grating Set 新鲜山葵研磨套装

Fresh Wasabi Grating Set 新鲜山葵研磨套装


Proud to introduce this specially designed wasabi grater and bamboo wasabi brush for easy preparation. Our included fresh wasabi preparation guide provides detailed instructions on how to store and use this exquisite condiment.

  • A set for your full wasabi experience
  • Fresh Wasabi, grat it yourself

Delivery Notice: Due to our supplier's schedules, we are unable to deliver wasabi items on Wednesdays. If your order includes any wasabi products and you have selected a Wednesday for delivery, please be advised that your parcel will instead be delivered on Thursday.

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          About Fresh Wasabi Grating Set 新鲜山葵研磨套装

          Classically paired with sushi and sashimi, fresh wasabi's versatility extends to flavoring dressings, sauces, ceviches, and more. Its peak flavor and pungency occur 5-7 minutes after grating, holding for 15 minutes before gradually reducing. This is why it's best to serve wasabi freshly grated at the table, using the grater brush to gather all the valuable paste. Enjoy the true essence of this culinary gem, enhancing a wide range of dishes!

          What's inside:

          • 50g Fresh Wasabi Rhizome
          • Wasabi Stainless Steel Grater - Extra Small
          • Bamboo Wasabi Grater Brush