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Fresh Black Oyster Mushroom 新鲜平菇

Fresh Black Oyster Mushroom 新鲜平菇


The Black Pearl Oyster mushroom features the taste and chewy stems characteristic of the Blue Oyster, along with the dense, meaty, and succulent texture.

  • 150g ± 5%
  • Classic mushroom features a chewy and dense, meaty profile
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About Fresh Black Oyster Mushroom 新鲜平菇

All of our mushrooms are grown on natural, wood-based substrates without the use of chemicals. We harvest them at the optimum stage to ensure the best possible taste and a long shelf life.

If you're not planning to cook the mushrooms immediately, remove the wrapping and place them in the fridge. Make sure to follow the use-by date indicated on the label and keep them refrigerated.

For the best taste, we recommend consuming the mushrooms as soon as possible.

All mushrooms are cultivated on natural, wood-based substrates, entirely without chemical additives. Harvesting occurs at the prime time to guarantee an extended shelf life and unparalleled flavor.

The aim is to ensure all fresh mushrooms are prepared for dispatch upon receiving an order. However, the nature of growing fungi can introduce delays in dispatch. In such instances, customers will be informed promptly.

If not used immediately, it's advised to remove the wrapping and store the mushrooms at temperatures above 8°C, abiding by the use-by date indicated on the label. Before use, wash the mushrooms and remove all packaging.

These mushrooms are perfect for enhancing the flavors of stir-fries, pastas, and risottos. They should be kept stored above 8°C, with a specific recommendation for a storage temperature between 8-10°C to maximize shelf life. This precaution is crucial as storing below 8°C can cause the mushrooms to wilt, given their origin from warmer climates.

For optimal taste, consumption at the earliest is recommended.

Fresh Black Oyster Mushroom 新鲜平菇

Weight & Count: 150g ± 5%

Ingredient: Black Pearl Mushroom

Allergies: None

Storage Guidelines:

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