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Angus Beef Shank 牛腱

Angus Beef Shank 牛腱


Our Beef Shank stands out as the pinnacle of beefy flavour. This cut, obtained from the leg's cross-section, boasts abundant connective tissues and collagen, delivering a delightful beefy and chewy texture.

  • 1kg
  • Delivered Frozen
  • A generous large portion of meat for meal prep
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About Angus Beef Shank 牛腱

Beef shank holds a special place in the hearts of many Asian cuisine enthusiasts. This delectable beef component is perfect for marination, and you'll discover numerous East Asian cooking guides suggesting marinating beef tendon before slicing it into pieces or thin strips.

Occasionally, it's accompanied by delightful sauces like garlic juice and vinegar to enhance the beef's rich flavor profile.

Angus Beef Shank 牛腱

Frozen Products: "Frozen" indicates that your product will be delivered in a frozen state, preserved at temperatures of -18℃ or lower.

Weight & Count: 1kg

Ingredient: Beef

Allergies: None

Storage Guidelines: Frozen Procuts: Keep frozen at -18°C or lower. Suitable for home freezing. Once defrosted, please store the product at the bottom of the refrigerator and consume within 48 hours. Keep the product covered and do not exceed the 'Use By' date indicated on the packaging. Do not refreeze.

Product Origin: UK